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ID FraudSafe


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Identity Theft Resolution

In the event that you are presented with a record that is unfamiliar or unrecognized, (for example, an address for a home you've never lived in or a new credit account you never opened) there is a strong possibility that your identity has been compromised.

Even records which appear to be simple data processing errors need to be addressed in order to prevent an incorrect and potentially damaging evaluation of your credit or personal profile by lenders, creditors, auditors and employers.

ID FraudSafe employs a team of certified Identity Resolution Experts who will work with you and on your behalf to get any fraudulent information removed from your records.

100% Guaranteed.*

*The 100% Identity Theft Resolution Guarantee applies to active ID FraudSafe Basic and ID FraudSafe Advanced customers who detect new incidents of identity fraud while under the protection of the service.

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