ID FraudSafe: Identity Theft Protection


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ID FraudSafe


PO Box 297
Denver, Colorado 80201-0297


Monitoring for Identity Theft

ID FraudSafe's monitoring services scan thousands of databases for new or changed records that include your personal or financial data. We also scan the internet to see if your identity is being sold on the blackmarket.

Personal data includes, but is not limited to, any combination of:

  • » First and Last Name
  • » Date of Birth
  • » Social Security Number
  • » Financial and Credit Information
  • » Physical Address

When you sign up for the service, you will go through a
brief registration process where you will:

  • » Provide your identifying information
  • » Verify your identity
  • » Establish a baseline identity profile

Once your identity profile is generated, ID FraudSafe will begin regularly monitoring a vast array of public and private databases searching for new and updated instances of your personal information that might be an indication of Identity Theft in progress.

» How does identity theft detection work?

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