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ID FraudSafe


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Would you know if someone was out there pretending to be you?

More than 13 Million identities were stolen last year.

Most victims only discover they have a problem when
they are denied credit, denied employment, contacted
by police or receive unknown bills.

Why Choose Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Can Strike Anyone at Anytime

A new identity is stolen every 2 seconds in the U.S. Protect yourself, your family and your business.

Most victims only discover they have a problem when they are denied credit.

Identity Theft Devastates it’s Victims Financially

The average victim will lose $4,841, and spend an additional $1,400
in out-of-pocket expenses trying to resolve their case.

Repairing the Damage Caused by Identity Theft
is Frustrating and Time-Consuming

The average victim spends 330 hours repairing the damage from identity theft —
the equivalent of working a full-time job for more than two months.

The Impact of Identity Theft Follows Victims for Years

50% of identity theft victims experience trouble getting loans or credit cards as a result of identity theft.

12% of identity theft victims end up having warrants issued by law enforcement in their name for crimes committed by the identity thief.

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